Decibel Technology Inc. Heiden 2 Power Amplifier
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Decibel Technology Inc. Heiden 2 Power Amplifier

( Vintage Car Audio )
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This is one of the finest amplifiers that we carry. Designed in Germany and very conservatively rated at 150 watts per channel at 4 ohms. Keep in mind that is not peak power like most ratings you see, this is rated like your home system used to be rated,...  much stricter,... and more realistic than peak power ratings that are thrown out there. These are rated with both channels driven 20Hz - 20kHz Average power rating at rated distortion.   1 year parts and service warranty.


 2 ohm stable with a signal to noise ratio of 90dB. This amp has a powerful bass boost of 18dB @ 45Hz. These won't last forever and are in stock now!! By the way,, if you own one of our Vintage Car Audio radios, install one or 2 of these and it will take your system to a whole new level,, especially in the overall dynamic performance and detail of all of your music.  I personally have 3 DB amplifier set ups myself, I love the way they sound and I know that you're going to love the way they sound!



Here are the real specifications of this Class AB power amplifier.  Please don't skimp on the wiring, serious current levels are needed!  Do not starve the amplifier!


At 4 Ohm                                           : 150W X 2

At 2 Ohm                                           : 280W X 2

Bridged Power                                   : 450W X 1


Adjustable Input Sensitivity               : 150mV - 5V

Variable HPF/LPF Frequency           : 50 - 250Hz

Bass Boost                                        : 18dB at 45Hz

Frequency Response  at +/- 1dB       : 10 - 30KHz

THD                                                    : 0.05%

Signal to Noise Ratio                          : 90dB

Separation                                          : 60dB

Input Impedance                                : 10K Ohm


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The pictures below, are one of my own personal DB amplifier rigs.   I like using a Heiden 4 + a Heiden 2, my configuration is typical and predictable,.. (a Heiden 4 for 4 channel for the surround speakers, and the Heiden 2 powering the sub(s)), in the vehicles that I drive, on my electronics work bench, as test amplifiers, and for serious listening, these amplifiers are worth a good wiring kit, don't skimp!!  These amplifiers sound great and they have plenty of power! 

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