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12 VOLT Negative Ground SYSTEMS

The cost for these conversions on years 1955 till digital, 12 VOLT NEGATIVE GROUND SYSTEMS is $395.00 + This price covers most 60's and 70's GM, Ford, and MOPAR radio's!!

We are currently backlogged about 12 to 14 weeks!  

Includes the Auxiliary inputs!

1950-54 add $100.00 + 

1940-49 add $200.00 +

1930-39 add $300.00 +


Other Special Examples

1939 Cadillac start at $1000.00 +

1940 Ford start at $750.00 +

1956 Lincoln Premier start at $1500.00 +

1961 - 1966 Ford truck $445.00  

Rolls Royce Radio's start at $1400.00

Most Volkswagens start at $395.00

Audiovox,...most are not compatible, only a few are,... and why?  start at $750.00 

Blaupunkts (a select few are do-able)  start at $750.00

Motorolas Start at $395.00 depending on year and model.

Beckers Start at $750.00


OPTIONS or other add on's. 

If your radio is a signal-seeker (Wonderbar, Town & Country, etc.) after 1960 add $200.00 +, 1955 - 1959 add $275.00 +, 1954 and earlier add $400.00 + 

If your radio is an OEM AM FM radio please add $25.00 to incorporate the OEM AM FM switch, and $25.00 to incorporate the FM Stereo light (if your radio is equipped with a Stereo indicator as OEM). 

Optional Preamplifier Outputs are available!   4 Channel Pre-Amp Outputs ADD  $75.00, and please let us know of desired place(s) to install them.

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Auxiliary input is standard!   This picture shows the optional Pre-Amp outputs, highly recommended if your audio system has to compete with your car for high levels of sound, such as convertibles, muscle cars, side pipes etc.  With this feature you can add as much power as you need!!  If your old like me, maybe it's not loud enough! 

Some radios have inadequate power on and off switches, 60's GM, Ford, and most Mopar radios have 5 amp or less current handling, for these radios we have to add a power relay that can handle currents up to 30 amps, for these radios ADD $25.00 INCLUDED!

8-Tracks will be quoted seperately, and will take more time,..years,... be prepared with lots of extra parts, or radio cores!! 

Can be programmed for North American or European channel spacing!

Can be configured to use the original (100 ohm) faders if available!

12 VOLT Positive Ground Systems

Add $200.00


6 volt electrical systems cannot provide 180 watts! 6 volt radios can be converted with reduced audio specifications. They should not drive more than two speakers. If your radio will be operated on a 6 volt system, add $100.00.

+ repairs to original components of the radio that are still needed and utilized by the new circuitry.

+ any extra fabricating or customization beyond the original radio case, face, special functions or controls,...etc.

Normal conversions include electronic circuit board installation, Aux Input jacks, power & speaker wires, adjustment and features programmed in. 

Outer case reconditioning, missing or damaged components will be quoted after evaluation.

Please send us a nice radio that you would like to have back in your dash, we do not offer restoration/reconstruction services, rechroming & etc, if you need to get a better radio core, shop for one on E-Bay, most of the time it is a whole lot cheaper than trying to salvage a junk radio.  You will be happier, and we will be many times more happier!!!  Chrome polishing service is available at $50.00 per hour, and restoration if needed can take up to 3 years to complete.  Save time,.. don't send us the worst radio that you have off of your shelf to us! 

Add Shipping, Insurance & Handling.

When you are ready to send your radio in to us for conversion, please click here for our shipping form.                                

One Year Limited Warranty

We accept Visa and Master Card, no payment neccessary until your converted radio is ready, and we can take credit card payment by telephone at that time, we also can do Paypal too!

Link to our Youtube,...we will be uploading video presentation and explaination of our products soon, please check back again.